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Pooms, Ideas & Christmas cards

Unrestrained thoughts an art for amusement

Pooms = Poems without intellectual pretensions,
Christmas cards and random thoughts

Christmas cards with pooms


When I wrote my christmas poem I really did quite well

All about Pa christmas and the tangles that on him fell.

But when I looked it over, it really seemed quite sad

to see what had landed on our dad


So this year I’ll be different

so this year I’ll be good

so now to you I’ve sent - 

A recipe for christmas pud.

Miss Milly Ped

Miss Milly Ped, millionaire myriapod

met Mr. Milliped, who was rather odd,

as he meditated on militants by the mill-wheel.

She, dressed in mildew, began to feel

a milliard-millibars of pressure in her heart.

“Let us two millennarians form a race apart,

and the two of us, two thousand feet together

will make a third, and so on forever”.

Now I wonder where it went

Now I wonder where it went
Was it straight or was it bent ?
I know it was blue or was it red ?
I had it when I woke and went to bed


Pen, brush, crayon and rubber mouse

Pen, brush, crayon and rubber mouse

everything’s virtual around our house...

Painted walls and painted bodies

we’re halfway to being considered oddies.

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Oh romaine, nubile nymphette

Immortelle immobile statuette

Qui ne regarde pas autour d’elle

aux autres, urnes ou stèle

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Salomé; pooms for the mass

Salomé is a lovely thing

dressed in nothing but a string.

She danced to please her papa dear,

full of filliale love, I fear.

She twirled and slewed

for the guests’ eyes lewd.

Not as a daughter oughta

but as mama had taughta

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