chien Stonebirdhead
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Pooms, Ideas & Christmas cards

Unrestrained thoughts an art for amusement

Pooms = Poems without intellectual pretensions,
Christmas cards and random thoughts

Christmas cards with pooms


When I wrote my christmas poem I really did quite well

All about Pa christmas and the tangles that on him fell.

But when I looked it over, it really seemed quite sad

to see what had landed on our dad


So this year I’ll be different

so this year I’ll be good

so now to you I’ve sent - 

A recipe for christmas pud.

Sue –


Do you really have to go – 

back to the sleazy-sheep-show,

where floweri maorii 

grimace with glee

and lady Pakeha’s cavort

(as well they ought)

throwing bowls on greens.

While behind the scenes

– they throw greens in bowls,

with mutton-birds, kiwis and other fouls.

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Too bee or not too tubby

No one sees a bee in a tree

pubicly pollinating pistels

as sky high they fly free

without cheeps, chirps, or whistles

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With an Audi - fortune smiles

With an Audi - fortune smiles


as you while away the miles

My, how fortunate you are

to have such a super car

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When I started this poem there were ;

Two hundred and eighty sixt

shopping days to christmas next

What a panic, so little time

to imagine and write a rime

for there is a lot to do for

christmas two thousand and two

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