chien Stonebirdhead


CatFud I can think of nothing odder
when sitting here eating my fodder,
and being watched by large grey cat,
- that it is she, not I, who is fat

This should come as no surprise,
It is she who eats, me who buys.
The lifelong binge of a glutton
of veal and duck and even mutton

Include some trout and salmon for the fish
served twice daily in a clean dish
with added natural oils, or better yet
gourmet meals, formulated by a vet.

Plus scientific biscuits for senior and kitten
of rabbit or turkey, liver and chicken,
lifecare vitamins, complex B, and extra yeast
add natural defenses for the beast

Crunchies, munchies, stewed or paste
absolutely nothing goes to waste.
For show stoppers, or hunters brave,
pity poor owners with no money to save

Game from the forest or from country stall
“Connaisseur“ menus, and bio-products all,
Each tasty morsel is separately put
in individual tins for her jaded gut

And so I’m learning “cat”
I know one word and that,
said urgently, is give me “waaw:
I want food not later, but NOW”

Should I sign “Sheba or sabre-tooth”
or would that be uncouth?
Maybe I’ll simply put my own name
in the great caterers hall of fame.