chien Stonebirdhead

Now I wonder where it went

Now I wonder where it went
Was it straight or was it bent ?
I know it was blue or was it red ?
I had it when I woke and went to bed

Lying here on this cold hot day
I would have seen it if it blew away
Did I displace it, use it or bruise it ?
I didn't think I could easily loose it.

So come on «whats-your-name»
This is serious and not a game
Call those dears with sticks on heads
To poke around rooms and under beds

While this good lady and myself
Will look in drawers and on every shelf
To find that «what's-it-called» so dear to me
As, I think I've lost my memory… »
Our Pa is in quite a tizzy
For to find it will keep him busy
But as Christmas draws ever near
It will come back, have no fear

So come next Christmas morn
There is no need to be forlorn
As he should be cured and of good will
and your socks and tights with goodies fills