chien Stonebirdhead

Pen, brush, crayon and rubber mouse

Pen, brush, crayon and rubber mouse

everything’s virtual around our house...

Painted walls and painted bodies

we’re halfway to being considered oddies.


We sneak out  at night looking shiffiti

to make our mark with a bit of graffiti.

Then because we’re afraid of being seen

do it all again on a silver screen.


In the dark, and for a lark, 

draw a figure,  make it bigger,

add a head, and some red,

some tum, a bit ‘o bum

double-click, that’s the trick.


Now our figure is complete

clothed in fur he’s hard to beat.

(not real furs, as polar-bears grow,

but taken from the back of an eskimo) 

Add a reindeer and then clone eight

(one is red-nosed who stays out late,)


On a sleigh for them to pull,

put a sack of toys that’s full

of baba-dolls, “his” and “hers”,

tomb-raiders, killer-cars

alien feasts and star-wars.

(Shoot the neighbours with less noise,

for girls will be girls and sometimes boys, -boys,

or don’t you know about Lara Croft,

- the virtual popsie, virtually soft?)


When he’s all finished, red and smart

(an example of house-bound art) 

to reach the world is an easy bet, 

we’ll just put him on the internet.


And as all the little girls and boys 

virtuously play with their virtual toys,

us verminous parents can groan and strut

as we visibly wait for a power cut