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Pooms, Ideas & Christmas cards

Unrestrained thoughts an art for amusement

Pooms = Poems without intellectual pretensions,
Christmas cards and random thoughts

Christmas cards with pooms


When I wrote my christmas poem I really did quite well

All about Pa christmas and the tangles that on him fell.

But when I looked it over, it really seemed quite sad

to see what had landed on our dad


So this year I’ll be different

so this year I’ll be good

so now to you I’ve sent - 

A recipe for christmas pud.


CatFud I can think of nothing odder
when sitting here eating my fodder,
and being watched by large grey cat,
- that it is she, not I, who is fat


Don’t stare, don’t care

Don’t stare, don’t care

act as if she isn’t there


Head bowed down, in the street

a patient wait for something to eat.

Shuffling slowly from hostel room

into a supermarkets’ faceless gloom.

Round the back, in the mews,

is the soiled fruit shoppers refuse.

here she finds the reason for her day.

Eats, then slowly moves away 

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I tried my future to see

I tried my future to see

in the bottom of my tea,

the dregs and leaves left below

would tell me which way to go.

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Gud pudin resipi

Come all ye children, gather near

of christmas pudding have no fear,

we have a new recipe to make it now

with natural flours, - of sheep and cow

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall

why don’t you speak to me at all

about that face on whom my eyes do feast

and tell me I’m a wonderous beast?

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